Why Choose Solar?

You're just a couple clicks away from energy freedom

Going Solar is a Win, Win, Win!

The benefits of choosing independent solar energy over a power company are endless. Our clients just keep winning, and winning, and winning…


Win Monthly

on Your Power Bill


Win Home Value

average of 4% increase


Win Tax Credits

26% federal tax benefit

1. What is your installation process?

First, we’ll schedule a consultation to visit your home (or schedule a virtual visit) in order to evaluate your current electrical costs, the amount of sun your home gets, and offer you a quote. From there we will begin signing contracts, ordering the proper equipment, and installing the panels. Once your final approval is given, we’ll turn on your panels and begin powering your home!

2. How much money will i save by going solar?

Our clients can expect to save approximately $25,000 in power bills over 25 years when they make the switch to solar energy. However, everyone’s situation is different, and you may save less or even more than this.

3. How many emissions will I reduce by going solar?

A home that is fully powered by solar panels uses about 80% less carbon emissions than a home that is fully powered by a power plant.

4. How long will the installation take?

From the time of approval until the installation typically takes 4-8 weeks on average. This can vary based on the requirements to obtain permitting from the municipality. Installation typically takes less than one day.

5. Can I add more solar panels later if i want?

As long as there’s room for solar panels on your roof, we can install as many as you’d like. If your roof is in fact out of space, we can build new structures to install your solar panels on. These include carports, pergolas, and yard mounted panels.

6. Can you fix my existing solar panels?

It depends. If the existing panels have reached the end of their life, they will likely need to be fully replaced by our company. However, we are happy to perform reasonable repairs.

7. What happens if I move out of my house?

The monthly solar bill will roll over to the next homeowner for a $150 transfer fee.